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Hong Kong District Domination on the Blockchain

Buy Hong Kong 18 districts as Smart Contracts using blockchain technology and take over the Hong Kong map.

Be the emperor of the Hong Kong and own Districts such as Central and Western, Yau Tsim Mong or Kowloon City as Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

CryptoHongKong is an interactive game that lets anyone buy and own Hong Kong 18 Districts as Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. As soon as you acquire a district, you take ownership of that district and it automatically increases in price.

Careful though! If someone else wants to grab your territory, they can by paying up to double the price that you paid. You will then lose the ownership of that district, but you will receive up to double the amount in ETH automatically transferred back to your crypto wallet.

Announcing Estate

Anouncing Estate is an exciting upcoming addition to the District of Hong Kong. With the upcoming addition of Estate , district owners will start to see real benefit of owning districts.

Estate will also allow new players and beginners to get into the world of blockchain gaming and CryptoHongKong with a far lower threshold, while at the same time get to experience the fast-paced and exciting gameplay of trading collectibles.

Most Player Friendly Value increase

CryptoHongKong has by far the most player friendly value increase model with the absolute lowest commissions. Compared to other collectible games that take massive commisions on each purchase, CryptoHongKong value the players and the game. If you don't believe it, check itDistricxt for yourself by reading our Smart Contract and comparing it with others.

In CryptoHongKong you can purchase any available district on the map. Any other player can also purchase your district as long as they pay up to double the amount of what you paid to own the district land in the first place.

The new price including the profit is then transferred back to the previous owner of the Hong Kong district automatically.

Start BUY BUY BUY in Hong Kong

Be like Beverly Hillbillies and own Hong Kong on the Blockchain


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